Thursday, August 25, 2011


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Julia. She is one of those stylish girls that is always wearing something new and trendy. I knew she would be fun to photograph and give me the type of images I wanted. When I got to her house she had an outfit concept and we went with it. Giraffes. She got her giraffe tights and made an outfit based around that. Her second outfit was more vintage.

I decide to make most the giraffe-themed images black and white because the first image reminded my of the wildlife photographer Nick Brandt. He takes amazing images of the wild and they are all b&w, so I wanted to follow. I felt the b&w also reflected the dry tone of the desert typical to the environments of giraffes.

The last image was created during the second part of the shoot. At this point we had little-to-no light, yet I wanted to capture the natural colors of the light while using my external flash. My solution was to slower my shutter speed with an increased aperture and lower ISO with a rear-synced flash to get what I wanted.

Julia leaves to college tomorrow and I want to wish her the best of luck!

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