Monday, October 19, 2015

Matador Fight in Madrid

Quick Update:
This has a been a wild, fun & busy year! During summer I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in Europe. In my motherland I photographed a matador fight. I will post more photos of Europe and other shoots that I've done!

 Bullfight in Madrid:
 The images below are from a bullfight from the late summer of 2015 at the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid. This is considered the home of bullfighting.

This was my first matador fight, and it was quite different that I had expected. There was matador fighting a bull, but there were also other fighters that helped wear down the bull before the matador was one-on-one with the bull. This disappointed me because it would be more impressive to see one man versus one bull. I understand that it would be more dangerous and more traumatic to see the man die, but I think the art of fighting a bull would be more monumental. Goodness, either way I would not want to be in the same ring as that bull. It would take a lot of courage, confidence and skill to fight the bull.

After watching the fight I also gained much more respect for the bull as an animal. It is resilient, forceful and strong. It won't take what you're shoving at it and is a clear image of the common phrase, "No Bull." It was quite an experience to be engulfed and it does leave saddened that the bull does die at the end.

I hope you gain more insight through the images below, but please take note that some are more graphic.

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