Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hunting for Moments

 New Mexico is full of hidden gems, including Grants, New Mexico. Recently I was invited to join an elk hunt for one day. No elk were spotted, but the views were incredible.

I enjoy hiking in different terrains, and learned a  few things during this journey. First, I learned that hunting is a waiting game, and it is usually a quiet one at that. As they travelled the area, they looked for clues to the different wildlife that had been around the area. Many times we stopped to observe the scenery to make sure we hadn't missed an animal within our view. We came to a cliff and just spent time looking at the vastness of the our surroundings. I felt small in comparison and began to wonder how many others have passed this way before? And for how long have people walked along this view. Made me feel like I had an inner connection with those in the past in my present.

Now while, they were hunting for elk, I was hunting for moments. Moments that captured their experience and documented the wilderness we were in. Moments that would pass my by if I did not take the time to stop for them and soak them in. While they observed for prey, I observed for light and the right subjects for images. You see, we were both hunting, but for different things.

Below are a few of my observations in photographs.

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